Monday, 1 July 2013

The last month in photos:

With it being the holidays at the moment, i've had such a lot of free time. This post is going to be about what i've been up to with my friends as of late. The last month has been a combination of study week and holidays for me. These are the photo's i've accumulated.

The house that my mother sold; It's beautiful, and my dream.

Ballantynes. The Colombo. Glassons. Shopping.

Starbucks. Theobroma. Soup and cheese scroll. Starbucks (again).

Run out of minutes. Slut plate. Herbie car. Oscar.

Torrential rain that flooded most of the South Island.

Lyttleton shops. Bird gumboots. London Loves La beanie.

Japanese food. Josh and William. Japanese restaurant. Text with Kelsey.

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