Friday, 3 May 2013

Chi Chi Nudes / Urban Decay Naked Palettes

Where I work doesn't sell Urban Decay, in fact, it's not sold at all in New Zealand as far as I'm aware (I've yet to find it anyway). That being said, I do adore the Naked Palette. My friend's mum bought her one back when she went to Texas a couple of years ago. It's a beautiful set of colours and I'm forever seeing people gush over how amazing it is online. So when Chi Chi came out with a palette called Nudes with almost exactly the same colours, I HAD to snatch it up immediately. It was sold out within days.

Chi Chi is an Australian cosmetic company. So If you're reading this elsewhere in the world, i do apologise. However, I felt the need to write about this beautiful colour palette, because it sure is beautiful. I am in love with it and use it every day at the moment. I can't seem to get enough of it. The colours are perfectly nude and brown for every day use. I adore. I'm in love. I can't stop gushing!

The colours are almost identical to the Urban Decay Naked palette. How Chi Chi can get away with this I don't know, but nonetheless I am not complaining. I bought mine for just under $30 NZ dollars, which is incredibly cheap in comparison to the Naked one. The pigmentation is great too. All the colours are very shimmery, something that they have in common with Naked, though the Naked palette does have one nice base colour and the Chi Chi one is perhaps a little more shimmery than that one. Other than that, the colours and the pigmentation are extremely similar.

Here is the Chi Chi Nude Palette colours.

Here is the Urban Decay Naked Palette colours.

There's very little difference between the two. So if you're wanting a cheaper alternative, get the Chi Chi one. But if you're wanting the original - I don't blame you, I just wish that I could get it here - then get it because no browns and nudes are more suitable for every day use than this one. It is a beautiful product and Urban Decay did a wonderful job of making it a cult product for beauticians. 

UPDATE: Chi Chi's website has more palettes to choose from, including one called Bases that I seriously now want. I also quite like the Classics palette too. Check out their collection here.

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