Monday, 22 April 2013

Antipodes Skincare Review

I'm going to let you in on a secret; I love organic and natural products.

It's probably something i'm a little overly obsessed with at the moment. I can't stop using organic or natural skincare or eating healthier foods. It's become obsessive to the point that I check for parabens, chemicals, and where things are made on every product I use. In food I check the contents that are in it and if it's not pointed out, I won't eat it. I almost never by food from somewhere like McDonalds any more. I just can't stand the thought that those chicken nuggets are made up of scrap meat. Because of all of this, I am over compensating in what I'm using. This post is going to be about a range that most of you probably won't be able to get in your parts of the world, but that I absolutely love and just had to write about anyway. The range is called Antipodes.

Antipodes is a scientific organic and natural skincare range. It is New Zealand made. For something to be certified organic it needs to be 100% natural and over 70% of all ingredients must be organic natural. Not only is Antipodes natural, it is also dermatologically approved and scientifically validated to improve the collagen and elasticity in ageing skin. Their products are also Vegetarian approved. As you can see, it has many benefits, all of which I love.

The first product that I'm going to introduce to you is by far my favourite. It is the Deliverance Kowhai Flower Hand Cream(Centred in the photo in the white full tube - it's a new one!) With avocado oil, orange, and cedar-wood  it is moisturising without being oily. It's also super rich in vitamins, and the more vitamins you can have, the better. I love this hand cream. It's one that I regularly use purely because it doesn't leave an oily residue on my hands. It absorbs fast and smells delicious. A definite fav.

The second product is almost a cult product amongst Antipodes users and definitely one of their top-sellers where I work. It won Harpers Bazaar Beauty Award for 2012. This would be the Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream(In the little pottle on top of the square box.) This is an anti-ageing product and helps improve collagen levels which reduce as you age. Young woman produce their own collagen whereas older woman need help to re-boost and kickstart their production. Vinanza Grape is a staple for Antipodes and this product contains loads; the ingredient helps improve elasticity in the skin which lacks in more mature skin. I like this product because even on my combination to oily skin it doesn't leave it feeling oily and it keeps it hydrated throughout the night.

Another product that I have recently begun using again of theirs after not doing so for about a year is the Grapeseed Butter Cleanser(On the left in the round big container.) This has also won an award, the Health Food Business Award. This must be applied on a damp face and massaged on. I usually like to leave mine on for a couple of minutes before using a hot facecloth to wash it off. Even leaving the steaming facecloth on your face for a few seconds is like a mini facial. You only need the tiniest amount to do your face, but since it's a balm, make sure that you do indeed use a facecloth to wash it off. Otherwise, when you dry your face with your hand towel it will be yellow. As it suggests, it is definitely luscious and soothing. Plus, It's certified organic! Yay!

If your skin is anything like mine, aka combination to oily and prone to breakouts, then using an exfoliator is a must. I try to do mine twice a week, but sometimes I forget. This next product is one of their exfoliators that has microscopic beads that are great for getting into the pores without aggravating the skin. It's called Reincarnation Pure Facial Exfoliator. It also contains jojoba seed (pronounced ho-ho-bah) which is very hydrating. I like exfoliators that aren't grainy, and this one isn't, which is great! (This one is the sadly almost all used white tube on the right of the photo.)

The final product that I like is the Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream(The littlest pottle at the front of the picture.) Coming in a cute wee glass pot, it has no fragrance (perfect for sensitive eyes) and contains avocado oil and jojoba seeds too. This product even won the Harpers Bazaar Beauty Awards in 2011. Make sure when applying an eye cream that you don't put it directly onto your eye but only on the bone above your checks and below the eyebrow. Press lightly with your ring finger. So many people rub it all over your eye, but what will happen if you do is that your skin will soak it in and keep it in a clump that will form under your eye and give you even bigger bags than you get after a night out drinking with no sleep. Trust me when I say that no one wants this.

You can buy Antipodes here:

Or at any Department retailer, or pharmacy in their listed countries found here.


  1. I have been dying to try some Antipodes products. I've got my eye on the Grapeseed Butter Cleanser, as I'm a sucker for any hot cloth cleansers.

    1. It's gorgeous! I first bought it a few years ago and loved it, but the price of anything here in NZ is absurd. I think it retails at around $45.00 ish. But I bought it again a couple of months ago and I'm in love with it again. You should definitely try it. :) It leaves the skin feeling super soft.

  2. Hi Ashley, I just introduced myself to Antipodes while doing my usual google searching of organic natural but corrective skincare and have come across with this brand .Ordered 3 products online , Juliet cleanser, pear avocado night cream and rejoice light moisturizer.Very curious about how it's going to work on my skin as I have sensitive, oily &acne prone skin that can be challenging to find the suitable product.I wanted ask where do you buy your antipodes products, online or at a retail shop?

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