Sunday, 30 June 2013

My favourite things of June:

Hello, it's that time again. June has almost left us.
It's the middle of winter - officially - which is somewhat saddening. This list of favourites will include a little more winter friendly things than normal.

Lips: Blistex

I cannot rave about this enough. I think I paid just under $6 for it from the supermarket. It's the product in the white tube (the other two are great also) and it's perfect for dry lips. I'm on skin pills at the moment and I find that my lips get very dry. Combine that with the awful winter weather and the wind and my lips are cracking like mad. This works miracles, I promise you.

Beauty: Cult Beauty

I couldn't put just one product in, mostly because I haven't really had anything dramatically stand out for me this month. That being, i did recently discover this amazing website. Some of you may have heard of it (I do feel like I am a bit out of the loop here) but it's called Cultbeauty.

I posted about this bath bomb when I bought some things from Lush the other week. I finally used it the other day and it smells so citrus-like and gorgeous. It even turned my bath green! All lush bath bombs are amazing, except for the gold little flattish ball one. It quite literally turns your water pee coloured and leaves shimmer all over the sides of the bath. Not fun.

Website: Thought Catalog 

I stumbled upon this website a while ago - about a year ago i'd say. I have no clue how I found it, but it's very interesting. It has thoughts for each day - several thoughts - which are articles written on different subjects. It could be about politics, gardening, female troubles, marital crisis, wellbeing, work etc. It's got so many interesting things to read. So if you're wanting to waste your day reading little dribbles about random things, then this is the site.

Song: True Love

I was a fan of Lily Allen back when she released "Smile" and "Not Fair". I have also loved Pink since I was a very little girl and have followed her success closely. She is probably one of the few people that I would have to see if she ever came to New Zealand; she'd be amazing in concert. Their new song "True Love" is definitely growing on me. Anyone else ever felt like this with a partner? Drives you insane doesn't it?

I was very skeptical of this book at the beginning. It grates on my nerves when there are a thousand characters introduced without any connection whatsoever. However, I pursued this book, and it is actually very good. It's quite sappy, and I do love a good romance so it fitted me well. The characters are wonderfully written and each is very different from the others, all are individuals. Overall, once you get past the confusion, the book is truly wonderful. Some parts he writes are a bit overdone, quite like he's being sarcastic almost, but that he's then not. It's cringe worthy almost. I don't enjoy writing that sounds like someone's brain has gone walk about. At times, I felt like this was the case. But everything links up and it ends fantastically. It's worth pursuing.

Purchase: Gumboots

About a week ago we got massive snow warnings for the whole south island and a storm warning for the lower north island along with nationwide flooding and hail. Snow never came. However, rain certainly did. The gumboots that I posted about here, proved very useful. It's a purchase that I definitely don't regret.

This was once a road. It was not a road that day.

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