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I'm Ashleigh, and this would be my blog Smashleigh. I am twenty years young and I come from the far away distant land of New Zealand where nothing much exciting ever happens.

I have worked in make-up for the last few years including working for what we call "houses" which is just a fancy word for a cosmetic counter in a department store. I have gained much knowledge on make-up and skincare and it is both something that I adore and love finding out new things about. I'm forever purchasing new products to try. It's a hindrance really.

This being so, I have decided that I might like to start a blog. It all started with me following many other beauty blogs and being near obsessed with make-up, so I thought that I might give it a go and start my own blog to write about the products that I love and the things that I enjoy.

This is a lifestyle blog as well. It may also feature other things in my life; travelling, my animals, my views, and my day to day activities.

I think that's about it. I don't really know what to write here. Just that this is me and I hope you find this somewhat interesting. Please don't feel shy, I am a friendly person just looking to make more friends and talk to other beauty obsessed people about what they think. I will absolutely take on your opinion and talk to you about it if it differs from that of a product I have written about.

Thank you for reading,
Ashleigh x

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