Sunday, 21 April 2013

OPI Nail polishes

Recently I went out for an evening with my mum and her bunch of friends; they're all in this book club together but none of them really read books, they just drink loads of wine and gossip. When I was out with them, one of her friends showed me this new app on her iphone, and I love apps so I was immediately intrigued. What it is is the new OPI app that shows you all the colours of the OPI nail polishes and what they would look like on your hand. Of course I was immediately transfixed and downloaded it on the spot.

This of course led to me realising how many OPI nail polishes I actually already own. So this is going to be a master post of all my favourite OPI colours. These are the OPI nail polishes that I currently own.

1. Cozu Melted In The Sun.
2. Altar Ego.
3. Samoan Sand.
4. You Don't Know Jacques!
5. Lincoln Park After Dark.
6. Do You Lilac It?
7. Black Shatter.
8. Top Coat.
9. Base Coat.

My absolute favourite OPI nail polish is Samoan Sand. It's the third one in on the left in the picture. It's perfect if you want a nude nail polish. When it chips, you can't tell for a few days because it is so light on your nails. The bottle itself is so used that I had to shake it a few times and then take the picture quickly so that you'd hardly notice.
Unfortnuately this trick didn't work so well with the Top and Base Coats. I feel like for the price that you pay for them, the top and base coats aren't as good as I would hope for. Nonetheless, I do use them and I do find them alright. I managed to buy mine in a set which worked out that I got one free. 

OPI has the most glorious range of nail polishes. No one else's collection near compares to that of OPI's and if you're after any colour, you can guarantee that OPI will have it. Every time a customer is wanting to match a nail polish with something they've got to wear, I head straight over to OPI because they are bound to have a colour that is similar if not exact. The amount of pinks and reds they have alone exceeds other brands entire collections. Absurd. However, I'm not complaining. I love that they have so many colours!

These are the ones that I wish to own:
1. Matte Topcoat.
2. The "It" Colour
3. Charged Up Cherry.
4. My Private Jet.
5. In My Back Pocket.
6. Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok Fine.
7. Dulce de Leche
8. The entire Oz The Great And Powerful collection.

How gorgeous is the Oz The Great And Powerful collection?! I am in love!

Check out OPI's collection at

If you want to know about the app I downloaded, it is called OPI. It's great, it shows you each nail polish they have and what it will look like on a hand. You can even change the skin colour of the hand! It's fantastic!

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