Saturday, 27 April 2013

My favourite things of the month of April:

1. Make Up: Kate Moss Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick, colour 111

This I really struggled to fill; not because I am not in love with a certain product, but because I am in love with many. That is always the way with me. But ultimately, I have decided to put in one of the new Kate Moss Lasting Finish Matte Lipsticks from Rimmel. The shade that I bought was 111. It's quite a nice general red for every day or evenings. It's not too dark or too strawberry like (I hate strawberry red lipsticks with a passion). Also it is very hard to find a Matte Lipstick these days so I was thrilled when Rimmel came out with these. Plus, I adore Kate. I immediately bought 111 the day we got them in-store. The lipstick itself is creamy and not drying - another thing I hate with lipsticks. I've yet to try it out to see how long it lasts on a night out, but I'm not expecting extreme results, a lipstick is a lipstick. All in all however, I love the shade and that they are matte. The range comes with 10 shades.

The first picture is of the lipstick case, and I do love how their lids go on a slant. The bright red is a change too. The second photo is the actual colour, the first makes it look more winey, but it's a nice red, not burgundy at all.

One that I am really liking recently is the Kiehls (believe me when I say that I have to type this word into google just to know how to spell it) Ultra Facial Cream. It's lightweight in texture, but moisturising enough that my skin doesn't feel dry. There is also nothing worse than having a sticky skin from some moisturiser that claims to be super hydrating, and I can safely say that with this gel-like texture you don't get that. A huge big tick for me as far as I'm concerned! It means that I can use it and then put my foundation on immediately. Which is absolutely great for someone as time conscious as I. As a beauty addict and someone who works with skincare and beauty, I am forever trying and buying new products. But this is one that I might actually stick to. It's quickly becoming a favourite moisturiser of mine. The only issue is the price! :(

For Christmas I asked my parents for the fragrance Alien by Thierry Mugler and I am so pleased that I did. When I work in the Cosmetic department I am often spritzing around fragrances like a little fairy. One that I absolutely adore spraying is this one. It's so feminine. It's quite vanillary I find, which I love since I also love Dior's Hypnotic Poison. The top note is Sambac Jasmine, the middle Cashmere Wood, and the base White Amber. (Suddenly feeling very silly for thinking it's vanilla-ry...) I feel like a woman every time I wear it, which is most days to be honest. I always get compliments on it with people going as far as to say that it is this fragrance they associate with me. This is what I would say is my signature fragrance.

4. Website: The House of Coxhead

I love this website. It's great. They list any up and coming artists that are of interest or relevance at the moment. They also list albums coming out and remixes of songs by DJ's. For any music obsessive person like myself, it is a must. It lets you in on the know of who's who in music and who's done what with what song and who's written it, remixed it, DJ'd it. Believe me, once you scroll through a page, you wont stop scrolling.

This song is very quickly becoming a favourite of mine. By the band Violet, with the lead singer Pixie Geldof - daughter of Bob Geldof and a famous British socialite - it has the dreamy voice of Pixie along with capturing guitar playing and sentimental lyrics. Both easy listening and addictive, it has me listening to it on repeat for hours. The song puts me in a dreamlike place and is simply beautiful. I can't get enough of it! Way to go Pixie!

6. Celebrity: Zoella

Somebody whom I'm currently obsessing over is Zoella. I'm not sure if you could call her a celebrity, I suppose in a way she is. She's certainly reached a high level of fame through her blog and youtube. She's just adorable and lovely and always recommends such great products. I love watching her vidoes and reading her blog. It makes me feel that there is hope for people who are shy to receive the recognition they deserve. I too struggle with being in big crowds, and Zoe is an inspiration. Thank you Zoe! :)

7. Book: I Heart London

This is by Lindsey Kelk. You can check out her official blog here. I have read a few of her books, but I've just finished this one. I really enjoyed it. Mainly because, firstly, I absolutely adore London even though I've never been, and secondly, I love anything chick-lit that talks about any beauty, clothing, accessories, shoes etc. Plus, this has the added bonus of planning a wedding! Spoiler alert!
Her blog Lindsey Kelk is hilarious. I frequently read it and love hearing what she is up to in what part of the world. She has a way with words that makes me giggle several times throughout one of her short articles. Utterly brilliant woman! 

8. Purchase: Guess Handbag and Wallet 

So I've been looking for an "everyday" bag that will fit everything I need in it; umbrella, wallet, gum, water bottle, six zillion lip products, phone, headphones etc etc. But I bought this one and I am in love with it. It's a brown taupe colour and I like brown accessories more than black, black can be so harsh and with coloured things or brown flats it just goes. It's just big enough to fit everything in it without looking like I'm carrying a small carryon for a plane. The wallet is a gorgeous peachy colour and opens up each side so there is enough room for all my many cards - I have a card for every shop, I'm one of those. Overall, for the price that I paid for them (there was a huge sale at massively discounted prices so I got it for a quarter of the price it retails at) I am incredibly happy. They are both going to get so much use!

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