Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Maybelline Fit Me

I work in Cosmetics and have tried many many foundations. But, and I do mean but, I have never found a cheap foundation that I think is on par with those that are more expensive. That is until the Maybelline Fit Me range was released.

Firstly, this is incredibly cheap. I looked at it online and Feelunique has Fit Me for 6.79pounds. I can safely say that it has never been this cheap in New Zealand. The department store I work at retails it at $25.99 NZ dollars. Comparing with Estee Lauder's Double Wear which retails at $80 NZ dollars,  Revlon's Photoready at $45.99 NZ dollars and Clinique's Perfectly Real at $66 NZ dollars, and even Nars Sheer Glow at an absorbent amount here, this is an incredibly cheap product. Let's not even mention MAC's prices in New Zealand, let alone Dior or Chanel, all of which I love. (My mother is a Chanel addict.)

Secondly, the coverage is perfect I feel. It's not too heavy or too light. All discolourations and blemishes on my skin are covered with one light coat over my skin using a foundation brush. I add a little more to my cheeks or my chin sometimes just to get a little more coverage over spots or redness. But overall, the coverage is great for something so cheap. When comparing to Moisture Mist's Beauty Cake - which like the name suggests, cakes - or with Australis foundation's (which are popular here, though they give little coverage) at around the same price of $19-$26 NZ dollars depending on the foundation, and even compared to Maxfactor's Xperience Foundation which I think is very good, the Fit Me is still incredible for its' coverage. I find that some brands can be oily and tend to sit on the skin, but I find that this foundation doesn't do that. The coverage and feel is much nicer than other cheaper brands.

Thirdly, this range comes in eighteen different shades. As a cosmetician, I am aware of how hard it can be to match some people's skin. With eighteen different shades to choose from it should be near impossible for you to walk out of the store looking orange. When choosing a foundation always remember that you can always, always darken your makeup with bronzer, blusher, powder etc. But you can never lighten a yellow or orange face. Think of it like your washing; if you put a black item in with your whites, all your whites will come out grey, but if you put in a white with all your coloureds or blacks, only the white will be affected. So, you can always darken your face, but you can never lighten it so that it will match correctly. If you're unsure, go for the lighter shade. Never buy a foundation wanting to "not look like a ghost", trust me, you will end up looking like an oompa loompa. I bought 125 during the summer, but now that it's winter here the shade is a little too dark for me. I pop on a translucent powder over top rather than a coloured powder because I don't need the extra colour on my face at this time of year.

Overall, this product is very good. Just put on a slick of a simple shadow and a swipe of blush on the apples of your cheeks, and finally some mascara to darken and lengthen your lashes and you're good to go for the simplest of every day make-up.

The other products featured in the picture above are:

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in Place Shadow Creme in colour 21 Buttercreme
MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Peachy-Keen
MAC Studio Fix Boldblack Lash in Black

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