Thursday, 20 June 2013

Chanel Eyeshadow Palettes

Continuing on with the Chanel theme from yesterday - if you could even call it that - this is the Chanel palettes that I am blessed enough to own. They can be found on their website here, though the shape has changed of them slightly (mine are rounded and these are square shadows). These are both Les 4 Ombres. The one on the left is 37 Variation, and the one on the right is 08 Vanites. They are similar in colouring, both having darker purple shades and light cream or pink shades. My mum actually bought these, but I use them more than she does. We both have green eyes so purples go nicely. 

37 Variation looks slightly different in my picture, but can be viewed here. This one has a nice brownish shade, along with a pinky one and a highlighter silver. The one in the right bottom is useful for the crease or for lining the eye.

08 Vanites has much more purple tones (this is the one on the right) and again a nice brown for neutrality. The shades in the pictures look slightly different to mine, but I can assure that on the bottom of the cases these names are printed.

I still adore these palettes. Chanel makes beautiful everything as far as I'm concerned. If only it wasn't so expensive, because oh my god do I want a quilted Chanel shoulder bag desperately. Somebody please be kind and buy me one.

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