Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Rainy day and Ecoya Candles

I'm mildly obsessed with candles.

They just smell so good and I love coming home from uni or work and light one and having the whole room smell gorgeous.

I even have what my mum and I refer to as "the candle lady". This woman makes candle wax and fills up old antique glasses with different flavours. She's local to us and lives just outside the city in the country, not far from where I live. My favourite fragrance of hers is Chanel No.5. It's delicious.

One of the brands sold at my work is Ecoya. I actually own three of their candles but the ones that i own all look the same and all come in this lovely glass jar that lights up on the inside. So I didn't bother putting up a photo of each. The one that I own is called a Metro Jar (the one pictured here). Ecoya promises up to 80 hours burning time for the 400g candle that is pictured above. This specific one is the Vanilla Bean and is absolutely gorgeous. I also have the French Pear, and the Sweet Pea and Jasmine.

Ecoya is an Australian brand and according to their website can be found in 15 countries worldwide. In addition to this, all their candles don't contain harsh chemicals found in other candle waxes and their body products are hypoallergenic and free from parabens. My kinda stuff!

Today I'm home from Uni already, and it is 11.26 by my clock on my laptop. It's also pouring with rain and the street lights are still on. Seeeeeeeeeee? Perfect day for lighting candles and drinking hot chocolates. :)

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