Sunday, 16 June 2013

Music I Love: JUNE

Harry Styles: Don't Let Me Go

I have a slight obsession with a minor boyband. You may have heard of them, their name is One Direction? (Sarcasm intended here.) Thus, when Harry's new song got leaked onto the internet, I fell in love. Not only is this boy blessed with the genes of a walking Sex god - he may as well be the son of Zeus - he has an incredibly sexy voice that he most definitely knows how to use. It's much different to One Direction's sound, which is a blessing too I suppose. It's more calm, more soulful than the pop-sugar-bubblegum-stuff they do. Not that I don't love all the pop-sugar-bubblegum-stuff, because I do. It's just nice to have Harry singing a stripped back version where his voice is the main focus of a song, and not the instruments and the glitz and how many girls can sing along at an ear piercing degree. (Believe me, i've been to their concert, and it is LOUD)

Don't Let Me Go, Harry Styles

MIKA: Popular feat. Ariana Grande

This is odd for me to actually like this, primarily because I hate anything that gains more popularity than the original deserving version. The deserving version in this would be the musical Wicked's song Popular. I'm a big fan of Wicked. I'm a big fan of any musical really. This song however is very cool. I love love love the chord progressions. I love Mika and Ariana's voices and how they blend. And to top it all off the video is just hilarious! An awesome take on an older song. They've definitely made it their own.

Popular by MIKA featuring Ariana Grande

Kodaline: High Hopes

I can't quite remember when I first heard Kodaline, whether it was with their other song "All That I Want", or if it were in fact this one. But I was looking through soundcloud on my phone and i'd asked the app to tell me this song over a month ago but i'd clearly forgotten when i'd got out of the car and let it be. However, I did take the time to look it up the other day and god am I pleased I did. I absolutely adore this song. I cried the first time I watched the video. Be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster. That being said, it's positively beautiful and the lead singer's voice is spine chillingly fantastic. The way he graces notes rather than punching them out gives me goosebumps. I'm officially a huge fan of Kodaline.

Kodaline High Hopes

Charlie Brown: On My Way

Again, the same goes for this dude as does Kodaline; I found him on my soundcloud after a months neglection. I tried to wikipedia him to find out more information, but other than he's recently signed and he's got another single coming out, there isn't really anything on him. He's from the UK, but that's all I know. The lyrics are inspiring and incredibly catchy. I already find myself humming along and it's one that I think will grow on people.

Charlie Brown's On My Way

The 1975: Sex

This band are currently featuring quite a bit in the UK charts. Their song "Chocolate" and "The City" have been played quite a bit. I however am a fan of anything that blatantly talks about sex; call me crude all you like, it's both hilarious and sexy. This song is just great. I'm mildly obsessed. The acoustic version is great too, possibly better because it's just the lead singer and a guitar. Anything is better stripped down, including the lead singer I bet.

Sex by The 1975

Little Mix: Turn Your Face

It was fantastic when this girl group won XFactor UK. However, it pains me that they've become a walking commercial for anything that'll sell; just in the same way that One Direction have. Their most recent song "How ya doin" with Missy Elliot may as well be called Topshop Summer Catalogue because they are blatantly promoting it. I'm not saying that this isn't their entire purpose, except that perhaps I am and that it possibly greatly annoys me. Regardless of that, I did purchase their album, and I do enjoy "Turn Your Face".

Turn Your Face by Little Mix

Lorde: Royals

This girl is the talk of the town here in New Zealand. There is nobody bigger and more secretive than her at the moment. She currently has four songs in the Top 40, something that no other New Zealand artist has achieved. She has come out of nowhere and everyone is obsessed. Have a listen for yourself. She also has a song called "Tennis Court" and another called "The Love Club". See if you can track them down and have a listen. I think she's going to be the next big thing. It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.

Royals by Lorde

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