Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Lush Purchases

I went into Lush yesterday. I'm a big fan for several reasons; 
1. Their products are all natural. 
2. They don't test on animals. 
3. They're vegan.
4. They smell delicious.

That being, I purchased three products - which is a very little amount for how much I usually buy. I bought a Lush Bath Bomb in the flavour Avobath. Usually I get Dragons Egg, but I like the citrus smell of Avobath just as much. So this time I opted for that. I'll be using it tonight! The second thing I bought and in that little wee square was a Toner Tab. The final product I bought was a soap which I bought in Rock Star. I haven't used this one - I'm obsessed with Porridge - but it smells delicious and very sweet. The website says: "The creamy vanilla sweetie. Here's a soap for all of us who know we ought to be attracted to sophisticated beiges and navy blues, but can't help grabbing everything pink! The Rock Star soap smells just like Creamy Candy Bath, and so all you budding starlets can shower and bathe with our sweet vanilla perfume."
I'm already sold. Vanilla? Yes! Someone who loves pink? Yes! It's me, this soap is just me entirely to the core. I can't wait to use it. I purchased a tin a few years ago and it's well worth it. Every time I go in I just get them to cut me up some soap so that it fits in my tin. :) 

Avobath Bath Bomb.

Rock Star soap and metal tin.

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