Thursday, 13 June 2013

Lipbalm obsession

These are the current lipbalms that i'm using. The small white tube is Blistex ointment, which I have found fabulous for very dry lips. I got a coldsore a couple of months ago and just piled this on and it healed it all up. (Mine looks different to the link but I think it's the same product...)

The lipbalm with the yellow lid is from Badger. Badger is an all natural brand that does lip products and healing products. I've got quite a few of their products; healing balm, sleep balm, cheerful mind balm, headache balm. And possibly more! This flavour is Ginger and Lime. I do have another one in a mint flavour somewhere but I can't find it - it's probably in the pocket of a jacket somewhere.

The round tub is from Elizabeth Arden. It's part of their Eight Hour range - which I love and highly recommend. This is a lip protectant and works similarly to their Skin Protectant that I also own. It's designed to protect your skin from harsh weathers such as windburn, sunburn etc. It also heals your skin and works as a kind of bandage when you slick it on. It's good stuff! (Again, mine is quite old and the packaging is different to the US website i've provided)

I have these three on rotation all the time and use whichever one is most closest to me. Currently next to my laptop is the Blistex one!

What are your favourite go to lipbalms to keep your lips hydrated?

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