Monday, 15 April 2013

Twenty things about me:


Well, let's start off with an introduction. My name would be Ashleigh (hence Smashleigh) and I live in New Zealand. It's a far distant place from probably most of you; there's only just over 4 million people living here. It's a little boring at times, but I travel quite a bit, though it's so incredibly expensive to get anywhere.

I decided to start this blog as a way to put not only my knowledge on beauty to use, but to share with you the experiences I have and the things that I love. I want to somewhat organise my life some more - please note that when I mean somewhat I mean to attempt, not that I will probably succeed. I probably will most definitely not succeed.

Some facts about me:

1. I'm 20.
2. I've been to Asia, Europe, and Australasia. 
3. I love the Teletubbies and Sesame Street.
4. I hate almost all television. I'd much rather watch a movie.
5. I study at University.
6. About 8 months ago my family started a health kick (more exercising and healthier eating) and since I have lost quite a bit of weight and exercise usually 4 times a week.
7. I have worked in make-up for 4 years.
8. One Direction are one of my favourite bands.
9. I also love Ed Sheeran. I've seen him live the two times that he has come to New Zealand.
10. Marmite is one of my favourite foods and when we went out of stock of it in New Zealand (and worldwide) I almost died. Seriously.
11. I tend to over-exaggerate.
12. I suck at sports, but I've discovered I quite like running at the gym.
13. I have two dogs and two cats.
14. One day I hope to publish a novel.
15. The beach is one of my favourite places to go.
16. I can drink several cups of coffee and tea a day.
17. Online shopping is disastrous for my bank account.
18. Mascaras are probably my favourite beauty product - I currently have five that I'm using. (I will list a post on them.)
19. New Zealand is both cold and hot, something which after 20 years I have still yet to come to terms with in coping each summer and winter when it exceeds my expectations.
20. I hate poor grammar.

I hope that you enjoy this. I'll definitely enjoy talking to all of you. :)


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